Top 3 reasons you need Tea Tree Oil in your home this Summer!

Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries. Its excellent antiseptic properties have made it one of the most favoured antibacterial, anti fungal essential oils.

Tea Tree Oil’s powerful properties make it a preferred choice for removing lice, fungal infections, bug repellant, household cleaner, mold remover and the list goes on, I personally even use it in my face wash!

Summer is a popular time to make use of this oil and here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. Natural Insect Repellent

Just like us our little friends also come out in the Summer to enjoy the great outdoors, however we don’t always enjoy their company and look for ways for all of us to love mother nature without bothering each other.

Tea Tree Oil is a fantastic bug repellant and bug bite soother, here’s how we use it in our household.

As a Bug spray simply add 5 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil to a small spray bottle half filled with filtered water, shake and spray away!

As a Bug bite soother simply take ½ tsp of coconut oil, add 3 drops of Tea Tree, mix and apply to the affected area.

Tea Tree is the only essential oil that can be applied directly to the skin if needed, so if it’s a very bad bite or very itchy 1 drop can be applied directly to the bite.

2. Protect Wounds and Cuts

With its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties Tea Tree is great for keeping handy in the great outdoors. Simply clean the wound with clean water, apply 2-3 drops of the oil and bandage, voila- the kids can go back to being Monkeys!

3. Improve Foot Odor

With the heat many of us also experience sweaty, smelly feet. No sweat, Tea tree comes to the rescue here too.

Simply wash your feet with soap and water, take some coconut oil (enough for your feet), add 3 -4 drops of tea tree oil and massage onto the soles of your feet.

The Insect repellant recipe above can also be used to spray the inside of shoes and sports equipment.

Always buy 100% pure Tea Tree Essential oil from the species Melaleuca alternifolia (this should be on the label). Organic, therapeutic grade in a dark glass bottle is always preferred and there should be no other ingredient listed. Store the oil in a cool, dark place. Tea Tree Oil is easily available at many Health food stores and online from Essential oil companies.

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